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Task Club App Download | Task Club App 2021

We have lots of money earning applications of Google Play store through which one can earn money from their home and there is no such more effort required for these tasks. Task Club App is one of them which through which you can earn money and you can transfer these amount to your Paytm Account once you have a fixed amount in your Task Club App.

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Task Club App 2021:-

Now a days, every one is looking for some part time work so that they can earn a few amount. Task Club App fulfill their wishes as it provides the opportunity to earn a good amount and that is without any investment and not too much effort also. If we talk about the category, then this app falls under the Entertainment Category. This means one can install this app for their entertainment purpose and apart from this, they can earn the money too.

How Task Club App Work?

In this article we will let you know how one can earn money via this Task Club App. As soon as you Install the Task Club App on your Android Device, You have to register on Task Club App. After the registration process done, Login to the app using your registered mobile Number and password. On the homepage, you will see the Task option. Click on that and perform the task as per instructed and you will earn money for each task you performed.

Task Club App Download:-

Those who are habitual for entertainments and have a good friend circle can avail the benefits of this Task Club App. To avail the benefits of the Task Club App, you have to download the app on your smart phone device. To download the Task Club App, Copy the below link and paste on your browser.

Please make sure you have to enable the option for install the unknown sources by visiting the Setting option on your android device.

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How to Register on Task Club App 2021?

If you want to register on Task Club App 2021, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Task Club Application on your Android Device.
  • You will see the below page on your screen.

  • Click on To Register button.
  • A new registration web page will open in front of your screen.

  • Enter the Mobile Number.
  • Create the Password.
  • Re-enter the Password.
  • Enter the Whatsapp Number.
  • Click on “Register” button.
  • You have successfully registered on Task Club App.

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How to Login on Task Club App 2021?

Once you registered on Task Club App, you can login to Task Club App. To Login on Task Club App, you have to enter the Mobile Number and Password that you have created while registered on Task Club App.

How you can earn on Task Club App?

As soon as you logged in to Task Club App, you will get Rs 20 as bonus amount and you will see the amount on your dashboard.

Choose the Task Option. You will see there number of tasks. Choose the one and click on “Receive it” button.

As soon as you click on Receive Button, you will be redirected to new page. Click on Receive button again and click on To Finish button.

As soon as you click on To Finish button, you will be directed to Youtube Video, here you have to Click on Like button. Once done, you will red-directed to the website and you will get the Rs 12 for this task.

Task Club App :-

Task Club App has work on the same way as any network marketing company did. Whenever you referred the Task Club App link among your friends and any of your friends join the app via your link, you will get the bonus amount. If your friend refer someone and if he will join via your friend’s link, both i.e you and your friend will get the bonus amount.

Also there are few paid plans too in which you will get more task to do per day. You can choose these as per your wish.



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