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DAY-NULM | NULM Scheme | Online Registration 2021 | User Login | NULM Component Details |

The Central Government of India has introduced a new Scheme to keep in mind the Poverty  and weakness of People belongs to the Urban areas. The Scheme has been named as “DAY-NULM i.e Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission”. The main motive behind the execution of this scheme is to reduce the Poverty and Vulnerability of the people belongs to Urban Areas by providing them an opportunities for employment based on their skills and talent. The DAY-NULM Scheme aims to provide the shelter to the homeless Urban people. As a part of this scheme, Urban areas Street Vendors will also be provided some help like they will be provided with the Social Security,Suitable Space and will be trained so that on the basis of their skills they can emerged themselves in market.

DAY-NULM – Login Procedure:-

  • Visit the Official website of DAY-NULM Portal i,e
  • On the homepage, you will see the option of “DAY-NULM MIS.

  • Click on “DAY-NULM MIS” Option.
  • You will be redirected to the Login Page.

  • You will be instructed to enter Your User name and Login Password.
  • Fill the Captcha Code.
  • Click on Login option now.

DAY-NULM – Online New User Registration 2021:-

If you are looking for Registration for Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission , DAY-NULM, then follow the below simple steps to register yourself:-
  • Visit the Official Portal of DAY-NULM.
  • You will see the option of “Citizen” on the homepage.

  • Click on “Citizen” option.
  • Click on ” ESTP Application Registration” option under the “Citizen” Section.
  • You will be directed to the below page.

  • You will be asked to enter the Aadhaar Number and Name as per the Aadhaar Card.
  • Once entered, click on Submit option.
  • Now you will be instructed to enter your Mobile Number.
  • Once the Mobile Number entered, click on Generate OTP button.
  • Authenticate the OTP sent on your registered Mobile Number.
  • Tick the Terms and Conditions Checkbox and click on submit option.
  • A new user Registration Form will now be open in front of You.
  • First of all, you will be asked to Select the State, District and ULB.
  • Select the Salutation.
  • Enter Your Full name.
  • Select the Urban Poor/BPL option.
  • Choose the answer between Yes or No for “Is PWD” option.
  • Enter the Distance between the Residence and TC.
  • Choose the Answer between Yes or No for “Is Minority” option.
  • Enter the Date Of Birth, Father’s /Mother’s Name, Category, Gender, Aadhaar Number, Address, Sector Type, Training Type and Course details.
  • Tick the declaration box.
  • Click on Save & SMS button to complete the Registration Process.

DAY-NULM Scheme – Stakeholders Listed Under the DAY-NULM :-

There are Different Stakeholders listed under DAY-NULM and these stakeholders play the different roles in the NULM MIS. These Stakeholders are:-
  • NMMU (National Mission Management Unit)
  • SMMU (State Mission Management Unit)
  • ULB (Urban Local Body)
  • Training Institute
  • Training Centre
  • Certifying Agency

DAY-NULM – Important Components in NULM MIS:-

There are 6 major Components of NULM MIS and these are:-
  • ESTP (Employment Through Skill Training And Placement
  • SEP (Self Employment Programme)
  • SMID (Social Mobilization and Institutional Development)
  • SUH (Shelter For Urban Homeless)
  • SUSV (Support to Urban Street Vendor)
  • CBT (Capacity Building and Training Programmes

DAY NULM Scheme – Employment Through Skill Training and Placement (ESTP):-

The ESTP Component was created in order to provide the training to the unskilled person or to upgrade their existing Skills. The motive of this NULM Component is to provide an asset to the Urban People in the form of Skills so that they can live respectfully and sustain their Life easily. With the help of Skill Training Program, Urban people gets the Opportunities for Job Placement and thus helps in increasing the Annual Income. There are three types of Training Programs provided under the ESTP. These are :-
  • Training Program for Fresh Enteries.
  • Skills Up-gradation Program for the Existing Skills Person.
  • Formal Recognition and Certification Training Program

DAY-NULM Scheme – Self Employment Programme (SEP):-

This Component of NULM MIS will focus mainly on those section of Urban Peoples who have some skills and talent but they can not do something just because of financial problem. This Component main aim is to promote the Self Employment and for this they provide a financial assistance to the group or Individual for setting a small business or enterprises or Industry. This will result in increase the employment level also. 

DAY-NULM Scheme – Social Mobilization and Institutional Development (SMID):-

Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission relies on the basis of an important investment for an efficient and effective poverty reduction programmme to mobilise the Urban households to build their own institutions.

DAY-NULM Scheme – Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH):-

SUH Component of NULM aims to provide the Shelter to the Homeless Urban People. The SUH Component further divided in two parts i.e General Shelters and Special Shelters. People Like Older age, Mentally Ill are kept under the Special Shelters however all other peoples including Men Shelters, Women Shelters and Family Shelters comes under the General Shelters.

DAY-NULM Scheme – Support to Urban Street Vendor (SUSV):-

The main motive of this NULM Component is to raise the economic growth of Urban Street Vendors. SUSV Further divided in three sub Components i.e 1) Street Vendor Survey 2) Street Vendor Plan and 3) Vendor Market Development. The NULM Stakeholders i.e NMMU and ULB are the one’s who release the fund for Street Vendor Pan, Street Vendor Survey and Vendor Market Management.

DAY-NULM Scheme – Capacity Building and Training Programmmes (CBT):-

This NULM Component aims to provide the high quality training programmes and assistance to the urban people so that they can sustain their life easily and respectfully. This component is responsible for making the secure and powerful training institutional structures at State and National Level.



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