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Neverskip Parent Portal App, Neverskip Parent App, Neverskip Parent Portal Login

A unique app which act as a bridge or a medium between you and your ward’s Academic or Education and this app named as “Neverskip Parent App”. The main motive behind the execution of this app to let know the parents about their wards academic performance day by day. Neverskip Parent Portal allows the parents to monitor on their children online e-learning classes. Parents can also communicate with the Teachers for discussion on their children growth. Parents will get the option to track the daily activities, Schools important reminders and also track the school buses from their home or office.

Neverskip Parent Portal App:-

Neverskip Parent Portal proves itself and play an important role in Indian Education System and there is no doubt in it. This app proves to be a boon for Parents. As we know that there are lots of parents who are working and they don’t spare time for Parents-Teacher meeting too. In such situation, its very difficult for them to monitor the performance of their children. This Neverskip Parent App will allow them to interact direct with teachers via online from their office and discuss over their ward performance. Even they will get reminder and update on day by day School activities. The Neverskip Parent App can be downloaded from Google Play store by Android Users as well as from Apple Store by iOS Users.

This App allows you to know the attendance percentage of your ward and in this way you can know whether you ward is  attending classes or not. This is a best way to keep your eyes on child performance. Even this app helps in to get rid out of the problem of fee payment. Now, there is no need for physically visit on school premises or respective bank and waiting in a queue for fee submission. This Neverskip Parent App provide you an option for Fee submission. There are lots of in-built features in Neverskip Parent App like you can get the pictures and videos of annual functions held in school premises. In the calendar menu, you can track all the activities going to held on School. 

This Neverskip Parent also comes with a in-built GPS system with the help of which you can track or monitor the School Bus. This will somehow give you relief regarding your ward safety. You can easily track your child activities and can reach immediately in case of any emergency.

Neverskip Parent Portal App Features:-

  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Fee Submission Option.
  • Can Track Day by Day Activities.
  • Interact with Teachers for Children Performance.
  • Can see the School Functions Videos and Images.
  • In-Built GPS System for Bus Tracking.
  • Can monitor the Children Attendance in classroom.

Neverskip Parent App Download:-

You can download the Neverskip Parent App from Google Play Store if you are a Android User or from Apple Store, if you are a iOS user.

For Android Users:-
  • Visit the Google Play Store on your android smart phone.
  • Search for Neverskip Parent App.
  • Tap on the search result.
  • Click on Install button to download the Neverskip Parent App.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and login to app and enjoy the services offered under this Neverskip Parent app.
For iOS Users:-
  • Visit the Apple Store.
  • Search for Neverskip Parent App.
  • Tap on the top most Search Result.
  • Click on Install Button to download the App.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and login to it.

Neverskip Parent App for PC:-
  • In order to download the Neverskip Parent App for PC, you have to download the Android Emulator first.
  • Download the Android Emulator (Bluestacks) on your PC.
  • Once downloaded, run and Install the emulator.
  • Open the Bluestacks and login in with your Google Account.
  • You will see the Google Play Store option there, click on that.
  • Search for Neverskip Parent App.
  • Once found, click on Install Button and download the app.
  • Open the app and Install it on PC.
  • Enjoy the app on your PC now.

Neverskip Parent Portal Login:-

Once the Neverskip Parent App downloaded on your device, you can login to this portal.
  • Visit the official website of Neverskip Parent App

  • Enter the Mobile Number or Email Id.
  • Please make sure you must have mobile number or email id registered in the School, only then you can login to this Neverskip Parent portal.
  • Once the Mobile Number entered, click on Submit button.
  • You will now be asked to enter the Login password.
  • Click on Forgot Password option.
  • Authenticate the one type password sent on your registered mobile number.
  • In the next step, you will be instructed to create the login password.
  • Create the Login password for Neverskip Parent Portal.
  • Once done, you can login to portal using Mobile Number and Password.



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