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True Voter | True Voter App

The State Election Commission has introduced a Mobile application named “True Voter” which will not only helps people to control the voter lists but also encourage candidates from their polls to keep track of the election costs.

True Voter App can be downloaded by everyone to their smartphone to allow a straightforward election procedure. The True Voter App Software included nine facilities like Visions of Candidate, Location of Polling Booth, Polling Costs, Browsing the Voting List etc.

A fascinating aspect of True Voter App is “Safe or Secure Your Vote” which allows the voter to protect their identity by using the protection problem (Questions) and in this way no one can submit the inaccurate votes through this app, if someone try to do this, hes/she will caught via the True Voter App.

True Voter App:-

True Voter App has been designed and executed to make the election process simpler for the people. If we talk about the backbone of democracy,then very first thing that came in our mind is Elections and Our Indian Constitutions allows election to take place in an atmosphere that is courageous, open and clear. True Voter App was launched with an aim to provide voters with the name quest.

As a part of True Voter App, Voters can record their preferences that they expect from the candidates by means of Voter’s Voice, which can be seen by the Candidate who use this True Voter App.

True Voter App Interface:-

Basically, there are three different roles in which one can register themselves as per their category:-

1) A Voter – Any body with his name in the Election Commission List can use this True Voter App and avail benefits of this app

2) An Officer:- All Officials participating in the Election Programme around the state in different position must register themselves as “An Officer”.

3) A Candidate:- Candidates who are going to take part in election must register on True Voter App under “A Candidate” option.

Facilities Provided to Voter’s Under True Voter App:-

  • One can search his/her name in election commission list via True Voter App.
  • One can also search for Voting Assembly, Polling Booth Address.
  • One will get the option to raise their Voice or expectations from the candidate of their ward under this True Voter App.
  • One can get the Voting Information time to time and exactly under this app.
  • You can also check the Voting result.
  • You can also do amendments like self information, Photograph Change, Aadhaar Card Update, Mobile Number and Email Id change etc.

Facilities Provided to Officers Under True Voter App:-
  • One can build a bureaucratic hierarchy for both officers and staff.
  • Quickly and Precisely plan the control map to render the list of electors.
  • Location of Regional Booth can be captured easily by using True Voter App.
  • One can receive all the notice forwarded from Election Commission or Collector.
  • One can get the two hours polling result easily via True Voter App.
  • Quick Contact between Election Commission and election workers.

Facilities Provided to Candidates Under True Voter App:-
  • One can submit their election expenses.
  • Candidates Background and accomplishments.
  • Visions of Candidates.
  • One can get the list of polling Stations.
  • Contact with the Voting Officials and Eligible Voters.

Features of True Voter App:-
  • True Voter App helps users to search their polling station.
  • The State Election Commission also roped the Ola and Uber Cab aggregators for the initiative to ensure that their mapping services integrate the correct polling booth positions.
  • True Voter App have a option of “Voter’s Voice under which voter can raise their expectation from the candidate of their ward.
  • True Voter App also provide the Modification option under which one can do some amendments in their self information including Photograph Change also.

True Voter App Install:-

If you are looking to install the True Voter App, you can do this by simply following the below methods:-
  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Search for True Voter App.
  • You will get the app on your screen.
  • Tap on that application.
  • Install the app.
  • Click on install button to download the True Voter App.
  • Once downloaded, you can enjoy the services offered by True Voter App.



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