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Signal App Download | Signal App Features | Signal App Login

There are increasingly worries about the use of common messaging applications such as Twitter, Instagram and even regular SMS services. These software and programmes are not properly confidential in their view. This is the reason we saw the Signal App displaying a massive swell of interest among the users.

So, everyone is moving towards Signal App. This is the direction  some people follow in 2021 after the Whats App revised its Privacy Policies that discuss more about the data sharing.

Signal App:-

Signal is a chat tool like Whats App, i Message or Facebook Messenger, but more a privacy app than adorable emoji Stickers. The Signal App is so best that even Edward Snowden recommends the security features. Before installing any app, one should know which applications are the safest to avoid the unwelcome snoop.

Signal App can be used and usable for Android, iOS and Chrome. In addition, this app will provide the additional security protocols too. Signal App will provides all the simple communications instruments you may need like read acceptance, emoji support, Audio and Video Calls,  Group Chats etc. 

“Say Hello To Privacy” is the tagline of Signal App, which is encrypted from end to end as the Whats App.The Signal App Software has been created to deliver encrypted messages for individuals and communities/Group Chats and all that is free of cost.But Signal App is not Facebook-owned unlike Whats App.

Overview of Signal App:-

App Name

Signal Private Messenger

Download Location

Google Play Store/Apple Store

Operating System Required

4.4 and Above



App Size

34 MB

Last Updated

17th December 2020

Key Specifications of Signal App:-

  • You can use this app free of charge.
  • Signal helps users, as other messaging applications, to send texts, make audio and video calls to their mate, post images etc.
  • The Community Video Calling option (Group Video Calling) has recently launched in December 2020.
  • One can create a Signal Community or Group with a maximum capacity of 150 members.
  • The Disappearing Message feature is one of the best feature in this App. For each chat you are able to set a disappear message feature and pick the time between 5 seconds to 1 Week.
  • Not only this app have end to end security, it also captures minimum user information without losing the functionality.

Privacy Features of Signal App:-

Signal App has several privacy-oriented attributes. One of the feature is to choose the “Relay Calls” option which prevent the leakage of your IP Address to your contact. But this feature somehow result in decreasing the call efficiency and may not be appropriate for everyone. It also provides the ability to allow or disable Read Receipts so anyone can see their messages as they are read. It also enables you to activate or disable typing markers for the time a message is typed. Furthermore, there is no Functionality like Whats App status in the Signal App.

There is also a Screen Lock capability for Signal App which can be reached by the Touch Id, Face Id or the Passcode for iOS device. Incoming calls and Messages can be answered while screen lock is allowed.

How to Download the Signal App for Android Devices?

If you want to download the Signal App for Android Device, follow the below steps:-
  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Signal App
  • Once found, tap on the option.
  • Click on “Install” option.
  • Enjoy the messenger service.

Signal App for iOS :-

If you are a iOS user, you can too download this app.
  • Visit the Apple Store on your apple device.
  • Search for Signal App.
  • Tap on the option.
  • Click on “Install” button.
  • Enjoy the services of this app.

Signal App for PC:-

If you are looking a Signal App for PC, you can download it directly from the official site.
  • Visit the official website of Signal App.
  • Copy the below link and paste on your browser to download the Signal App.

  • Please note, like Whats App, to use the Signal App on your PC, you must have Signal app on your mobile device.



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