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Practically App, Practically App Download, Practically App for PC

Practically App – A unique platform or you can say that its a child-friendly learning application that transform the way of learning especially Mathematics and Science. This inventive Product use the new and unique method of teaching.

Practically Application, a virtual app, is an efficient Online application that allows and offers the students of class 6th to 12th standard to learn through online mode using the Narrated Video by experts. Practically App helps in influence the approaches used to teach or study Mathematics and Science for Youths. Practically App basically aims to address the difference between theory and realistic/Practical learning method. We will let you know more about this Practically App, how to download Practically App for Mobile and Windows. 

Practically App 2021:-

Practically App has been launched with an aim to provide the Free Virtual Learning Environment for the students. Practically App will offer around 3000+ Videos and 1000+ images for teachers in order to make the teaching environment attractive and likeable. Practically App have some in-built additional features like Assignments, Preparations for Test, Report Section etc.

We all know that taking Online Classes become a big Challenge for teachers. Practically App was launched with an aim to get rid out of this challenging situation faced by the teachers. This App helps in making the Online Tutorial process more easy and simpler. To make the e-learning more appealing and pleasant, the Practically app incorporates gaming engine, Interactive learning and research material at one single place. Practically App is currently used in few states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and UAE. The Practically App has been used by approx 13500 teachers and 130 colleges.

Practically App Summary:-

App Name

Practically App



App Size

72.72 MB

Operating System Required

Android 5.1 or Above

App Latest Version


Developed By

Practically Dev Team

Benefits of Practically App:-

  • With the help of this Practically App, Teachers can run their own Virtual classes openly for classes 6th to 12th Standard.
  • There are some additional features like Reports Section, Assignment, Preparation for Exams which in directly help the instructor to closely track the performance of students.
  •  Practically App includes the Live Class option as well as 24*7 doubting support function to allow students to contact the experts on the web.
  • Practically App helped the teachers deal with the complexities of the Pandemic and to teach the students in more delicate way without suffering any costs.
  • Practically App offers the teachers a live environment to communicate with the students in a Live Classroom with the help of narrated Virtual Videos, dynamic Images and 3D images.

Practically App Features and Specifications:-

If you will be asked to define the Practically App in One word then it would be “One Stop Shop” for every schools. Teachers of all schools were highly pleased with a variety of beneficial features in built in this Practically App. With the help of this Practically App, students performance seen to be improved as the teaching technique is so much engaging and pleasant that they easily retain the learning material. There are lots of students who used the Practically App even outside the School hours as Parents find it very useful.

Practically App Download:-

If you are looking for Practically App for your Mobile Device, you can download this by following the below simple steps:-
  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Practically App”
  • Tap on the top most option in search result.
  • Click on Install button to download the Practically App.
  • Once downloaded, enjoy the services offered under Practically App.

Practically App For PC:-

You can also download the Practically App on Your PC.
  • Copy the below mentioned link and paste in to your web browser.
  • You will get the option to download the Practically app via above link.
  • Once downloaded, install the app on your PC.

Practically App Login:-

Once the App successfully downloaded on your Smartphone/PC, you can login to the app. For Login, you have to enter the username and Password.On the home page, you will be instructed to enter the Mobile Number which will be your Username. As soon as you enter the Mobile number, you will be provided password on your registered mobile number. You can use this password for Login Purpose.



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