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Deesha App 2021, Deesha App Download for PC

Deesha is a fully free of cost and offline application that lets you to use your Smartphone device for off-road navigation. Deesha is one of the most rewarded and award winning application for Off-road navigation. In this article, we will discuss the Features of Deesha App, How to download the Deesha App for PC or Windows. So, if you are looking to download the Deesha App, follow the below article as we will let you know everything about this Deesha App.

Deesha App 2021:-

As the name sounds Deesha which means “Direction”, this app was launched with an aim to help the users for off-road navigation. One can install this app in their Smartphone and can use the same for Off-road route. For its better service and user friendly interface, Deesha App has been awarded as the best application in this category. 

Features of Deesha App 2021:-

You will have a lots of features in this Deesha App. Few of them are as follows:-

  • Location Display.
  • Navigation
  • Map View
  • Waypoints Support
  • GeoTag
  • Sharing Locations with others.
  • You can get the Sun and Moon information for the specific Location.
  • You will also get an option to get the Satellites details or information.
  • Calculate the Area and Perimeter.
Talking about the Deesha App, its interface is very simple and ease to use. Once the Deesha App installed in your PC or smartphone and when you open the same, the display screen of the Deesha App is in Normal Mode.

However when you are moving or travelling towards any direction, the screen will act as a Navigation Mode. In Navigation Mode, you will see the details like Location name, Distance, Bearing, Your Average Speed, Approximate arrival time at destination point, How much time left to reach to the destination point etc.

When you are very close to your destination point, you will be indicated or get an alert by Deesha App.

You will get an option to disable the Navigation option under Setting section.

Background Performance of Deesha App:-

Untill Completely existing or closed, Deesha App will continuously running in the Background and that will affect on battery life too. So, You will have to properly exit from this app once the work has been done. Running in the background have one benefit that this makes it easy to constantly update the location data. Please be aware that turning on the Location Sensor is also responsible for higher battery usage than usual operation. A warning is shown when Deesha App is in service, in the background. 

Shared Locations Support By Deesha App:-

Deesha App will record itself for shared handling sites through:-

1) Other Applications 
2) Web Map Services Hyperlinks offered by Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, Wikimapia etc.

Suppose if you click on a hyperlink of a location, you will see the option “Open with”. Here you can choose the option of “Deesha”.

Deesha App Download for PC – 

To download the Deesha App for PC,you have to download the android emulator first on your PC. Download the Emulator. Once the Emulator downloaded, copy the below link and paste it to your browser to download the APK file of Deesha App.
Please make sure you have to enable the option of install the unknown sources by visiting the Section for your Android Phone.

Once the APK File Downloaded, open it in Android Emulator and install the App.



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