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Aangan App | Aangan Mobile App

Aangan App – An initiative by the Government of India to to get rid out of the problem of Child Trafficking, Child Labour, Child marriage and child harassment. The Government of India has launched a new Mobile application and named it as Aangan App with an aim to prevent the child harassment cases and to monitor this, a team will be build which continuously keep their eyes in these activities.

We all know that future as well as progression of any Country will depend on the Youth as well as Children of their country. If the child or Youth will redirect in wrong direction, then this will indirectly effect the country growth. To make the child future safe from the unwanted sources, the Government has implemented an Organisation which monitors all the activities and take care of children’s future. Aangan App was the first step in order to resolve these problems from the society.

Aangan App 2021:-

We all know that due to the Covid 19 pandemic, almost every sections of people have affected a lot. But the one who most affected are those who depends on daily wages or you can say that lower/weaker sections people. To fulfill the daily needs, each and every family members whether its most elder or young, have to go for work. This situation will raise probability of Child Trafficking as the needy people easily manipulated on the name of money.

To stop these activities, a new committee or worker team has been organised by Government which further collaborate with five different communities.

Aangan App Work Procedure:-

As we already discussed that Under the Aangan India, a committe or worker team has been organised which further collaborate with the five different communities.These Communities which stands with Aangan India to help in get rid out of these illegal activities are :-

1) Police Organization.

2) Schools Structure.

3) Shelter Homes for Children.

4) Community Structure.

5) Urban Structure.

Police Organisation:- A special Police task force has been assigned to stand with the Aangan Team to help them to achieve their goal.

School Structure :- If we ask some one the safest place for Children after the home then the first thing that come in mind is “School”. But if we look in to past, there are some cases where Small children were faced harassment in schools. Though its very hard to digest, but its true. To keep this in mind and keep the children safe, Aangan Team will work with School Principal and Staff so that Children as well as their parents feels safe in school premises.

Shelter Homes For Children:- This is the place where we can see the cases mostly, so there should be a team to look in to the Children and there Aangan India has build a team to keep the activities and take care of Children.

Similarly, there are two more communities who on regular basis stands with the Aangan India Team to make the future of Children Safe and Secure.

Areas where the Aangan Team Mostly Active:-

We have few states/areas where we find the Aangan Team most active. And the reason behind the interference of this Aangan Team is the highest rate of Child Harassment, Child Trafficking, Child Marriage etc. These states are:-





Uttar Pradesh












West Bengal



Gajapati and Nabrangpur

Features of Aangan App:-

  • A app with an aim to create a harm free environment for Children.
  • Different Communities stands with the Aangan Team to achieve the goal of this revolution.
  • Team will be more active in Hotspot areas where the activities like Child Trafficking, Child Marriage looks more.

Aangan App Download:-

If you are looking for a Aangan App, you can download it free from the Google Play Store:-
  • Visit the Google Play store.
  • Search for “Aangan App”
  • Once the result found, tap on the found result.
  • Click on Install button.
  • Enjoy the services offered under the Aangan App.


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