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Whatsapp Pay| Payment through Whatsapp | Sending Money through Whatsapp

In today’s world, everyone is aware about Whatsapp or we can say that it becomes a part of our life. Whatsapp is generally a platform or a messaging app which is till now used to send messages, Audio/Video Calling, send documents and images etc.

But now Whatsapp has reached to next level as the company has launched new feature called Whatsapp Pay. Now you can make transaction through Whatsapp like other applications (Google Pay, Phone Pay) and its very easy and convenient. The feature was put on hold by NPCI due to some security issues, but now they have approved the Whatsapp Pay Feature for 20 Millions consumers Only.

Like other Applications, Whatsapp Pay also work on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) interface, so its very safe to make transactions.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • One must have same mobile number registered on both Bank Account and on Whatsapp Account.
  • Unified Payment Interface Pin should be activated.
  • Above step (Second one) applicable on both Sender and Receiver.

Whatsapp Pay Setting Process:-

  • You need to check whether you are using the Updated version of Whatsapp or not.
  • Check it on Play store and update the same if not updated earlier.
  • Go to Setting options on Whatsapp.

  • You will avail the benefits of this feature only if “Payments” option is there in your setting section.
  • If you have this option in your setting, click on it, below page will open.
  • Now follow the same method as you followed while setting payment method for other Apps like Phone pay i.e click on add payment method.
  • Choose the bank account, SMS will be sent to verify.
  • You have successfully registered for the UPI app.
  • Make your first payment.

Also Check – IPPB DakPay App

To make transactions or send money, choose the receiver/consumer from the Contact List. You will see the attachment icon on the screen, click on it, choose Payment option there.
Enter the amount and UPI Pin and enjoy your first transaction.



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