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UPI | Unified Payment Interface | How to Create VPA | How does UPI Work

UPA (Unified Payment Interface):-

UPI or Unified Payment Interface, is an unique platform or interface used for the fund transfer and utility bill payments. The biggest advantage of the UPI is that one can send the money to other without disclosing his account details i.e receiver will not know the sender’s account details, only VPA i.e Virtual Payment Address will be known by Receiver. Also No extra charges applied on money transfer by UPI Method.

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VPA (Virtual Payment Address) :-

VPA as name sounds is a virtual address looks like a email id used to make and receive payments through UPI app.  This Virtual address linked to the individual bank account.

So, for UPI process, one must have a VPA or Virtual email address or you can say that a valid user name.

How to Create VPA:-

In order to create a VPA, One need to install a UPA app from Google App store.

  • Visit the App Store.
  • Search the UPI App which you want to download.
  • Click on Install Button to download the App.
  • Open the App from the device manager.
  • Enter Mobile Number linked to your account.
  • Enter the Bank details to link up with the app.
  • Set a UPI Pin.
  • Once the above steps done, choose the VPA creation option and create a Virtual Address.

How does the UPI Work?

Just take a simple example of Email sending. One can send an email to another via a medium or an interface and that is Gmail/Yahoo etc. In the same way, one can make/receive payments to another one via a medium and that is a UPI Id or Virtual address.

Suppose you are carrying a multiple accounts of different banks. In such case there is no need to create a different UPI id or VPA for each accounts. You can create a one  VPA and link that to all the accounts.



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