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E-WAY Bill | GST E-WAY BILL Online Registration

E-WAY Bill,as name sounds, is an electronic bill or you can say that its a unique document or bill which contains the information related to sender and receiver both i.e Sender Name, Contact number, Price of the goods, bill number, bill date and same as it is for buyer. The best thing is about this E Bill is that it have the information about both the parties i.e Sender and Buyer.

One can also prepare the E-Way Bill on Mobile, in order to do this, one have to download the Mobile app in their smart phone. You have to fill few information asked i.e GST Number etc. and after that you can make E-Way Bill on your mobile phone using this app.

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E-way Bill Rules:-

  • If the sender wants to send goods worth Rs 50,000 from one state to another, it is mandatory to register for E-Way Bill.
  • Suppose a person supply the goods to another person via third party or mediator, then it will be the whole and sole duty of that mediator to make E-Way Bill.
  • Traders who are supplying the goods however not registered, they also needs to register them for E-Way Bill. In these cases, Receiver must be careful and make ensure that everything is right.

Validity Term of E-Way Bill :-

  • E-Way Bill is valid for a certain period of time depends on the distance covered (From Sender to Buyer).
  • For distance up to 100 km, E-Way Bill is valid for One Day.
  • For distance from 100 to 300 km, E-Way Bill is valid for 3 Days.
  • For distance from 300 to 500 km, E-Way Bill is Valid for 5 Days.
  • For distance from 500 to 1000 km or more, E-Way Bill is valid for 15 Days.
  • If Somehow, a vehicle met with an accident, then a new E-Way Bill needs to be generated and goods will be shipped on other vehicle.
  • If there are different products of different companies, then details of each goods of  each company needs to be mentioned in the E-Way Bill.

E-Way Bill Enrollment Forms:-

There are basically three types of Enrollment Forms under E-Way Bill:-
  • E-Way Bill 1 :- This will require when a sender sends goods of same type from one state to another.
  • E-Way Bill 2:- This will require when a sender sends the different goods of different companies from one state to another.
  • E-Way Bill 3:- This is basically a Verification form which contains all the information related to Vehicles.

How to Register on E-Way Bill:-

  • Click on “Registration” option and choose the “E-Way Registration” option.
  • Click on that option, You will be redirected to below page.

  • Fill the information asked i.,e GST Number and Security Code.
  • Proceed with Go button.
  • You have successfully registered on E-Way Bill Portal now.
Once registered on Portal, you have to visit on homepage and click on Login option.

Enter the essential credentials i.e User name and Password and click on Login button.

Once you logged in successfully, you can generate a new E-Way Bill.

One can also generate a E-Way Bill using Mobile App. You just need to install/download the App from Play store.



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