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CSC District Manager List – CSC Helpline Number

We have already discussed in our previous article about Common Service Centres Scheme where one can avail the various Government service like apply for PAN Card, Voter Id, Ration Card etc. Now we all know that service is equally proportional to problems i,e higher the service level by an organization higher the Probability of Problems.

There are many situations where CSC VLE face problems on the digital seva portal. They don’t have any solutions and their mind keep running. They don’t have any idea to whom they need to contact where to go.

To get rid of this problem, there is District Manager List listed on the CSC Portal. Concerned VLE can contact to their District Manager to get the solution. We will discuss in this article how to get the CSC Manager List. 

Basically One can get the District Manager List from two Ways:-

1) From CSC Official Website

2) From Banking Portalo of CSC.

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CSC District Manager:-

As the name sounds, a District Manager is an individual who works across the District level. He is the one who take care of all the Joint Service centres in the neighborhood (District). All the VLE’s details are known to District Manager.

How to Check the District Manager List:-

1) Through CSC Official website:-

  • As soon as you click on the file, it will be downloaded on your device.

In this way you can get the District Manager List of different states. You can search the District Manager of your region from the List.

2) Through the Banking Portal of CSC:-

  • Choose the “District Manager” option under Contact Us section.
  • Select the State and District from the list.
  • Click on “Search” button.
  • You will get the List of District Manager.

CSC Helpline Number:-

Toll Free Number :- 1800-121-3468



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