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Google Task Mate – Find and Apply Referral Code

Google Task Mate Referral code is hard to get and you have to keep trying multiple codes till you find the one working for you. Thankfully, Due to our user base, We are able to retrieve dozens of working codes from our users daily and provide them to you. This article will help you to understand the process behind obtaining the Referral code and how you can earn money using this new app developed by Google.

What is Google Task Mate?

Google task mate is a micro job-focused app which was recently launched by Google in India. Task mate offers its users a unique opportunity to earn money by doing simple tasks such as Translating the text from other languages to a regional language, Clicking pictures of the nearby restaurants and cafes, or by becoming a local guide on Google Maps. 

The app is currently in its beta phase and you can only download and use it if you have a valid Google Task Mate Referral code.The existing user on the platform gets a chance to generate and share their Referral code with 3 people. Once 3 people have redeemed it, the code gets expired and no new signups are accepted from that code. However, there are a few ways by which 

Google Task Mate Referral Code/Invitation Code

You can use various social media websites and community forums to get a working Google Task Mate invitation code. Browse through the already existing Facebook Groups, Telegram Channels, or Youtube Channels and look in the comment section where you will see people sharing their invitation codes with others.

Similarly, By visiting the play store and searching in the reviews section you can get some Referral codes. Unfortunately, due to high demand and less supply, By the time you search and get the code, there are chances that the code Is already used by someone else. This is the common problem we found with most of the users who are looking for a Task mate Invitation code.

How to Earn Money from the Task Mate App

As it is launched in India in beta version, The tasks are limited. However, Google has announced its full launch in the upcoming months where you can see multiple tasks and money earning options unblocked. There are mainly 2 types of tasks on Google Task Mate and they are Sitting task and field task. In the Sitting task, you will get a task that you can perform from sitting in front of your mobile or PC. These tasks might include Translation Service, Proofreading, Article Writing, or Helping others to learn your language. While in the Field tasks you will actually have to go and visit different places to gather more information about the surroundings and the place itself. This might include, Clicking photos, Sharing nearby Landmarks, Reviewing Restaurants, or to be a local guide. 

After Successfully completing every task, you will receive some compensation or reward in the form of money. This money will be stored in your Google Task Mate account until it reaches the threshold limit. Once the amount is payable, You can withdraw it using any bank account or other Withdrawal options.


If you are currently looking for a job or a way to make money in India then you should definitely try the new Google Task Mate app. However, after downloading the app from the Google play store, Visit this article and get your working Task Mate Referral code in India and apply it while signing up for the website.



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